Post-Consent Monitoring

SRSL use cutting edge-science and technology to design and deliver robust and meaningful post-consent monitoring programmes (EMP) for the marine environment.

Environmental Monitoring Requirements

An Environmental Statement must include recommendations for future monitoring of the identified potential impacts of a proposed renewable energy development. These proposals must be hypothesis-driven with measurable outputs. A robust and effective EMP will allow any changes in the environment to be detected, with the aim of adapting the management of devices on the basis of actual data derived from the monitoring programme, so as to improve mitigation and reduce environmental impact. Better post-construction monitoring also reduces uncertainly in the EIA process for the developing marine renewable energy industry.

Post-Consent Monitoring from SRSL

SRSL use the environmental data gathered from environmental baseline studies, combined with lessons from other marine industries (especially oil and gas exploration) to design an EMP framework that can be applied to across the tidal-stream and wave sectors. In so doing, SRSL seek to identify key environmental parameters and species that are likely to be vulnerable and/or indicate change as a result of site development. These are likely to include marine mammals, sea birds, fish and benthic invertebrates.

SRSL post-consent monitoring programmes are designed to use the best of the specific tools required for monitoring, whether standard (e.g. line-transect sampling), recently developed/applied (e.g. Before-After/Control-Impact BACI designs) or not-yet developed (e.g. mammal-turbine collision detectors). We determine the statistical power needed to detect changes and ensure this consideration is built into all programs that we develop for our clients, so that monitoring is practical while remaining meaningful.

SRSL help our clients assess, with a known degree of certainty, whether or not new marine renewable installations actually impact the marine environment and whether redesign, mitigation or site adjustment are required for extraction of marine renewable energy without undue harm to our coastal seas.

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