Natural and Commercial Fish Surveys

Natural Fish Population Surveys and Commercial Fish Surveys

SRSL scientists have an in-depth knowledge of the marine environment alongside a full understanding of the importance of its natural resources. Our survey teams have expertise in carrying out desktop reviews and field studies including natural fish population surveys and commercial fish surveys in Scottish waters.

Natural Fish Population Surveys

SRSL conduct desktop reviews of relevant literatures and all available data concerning existing fish populations so as to establish baseline conditions and accurately inform survey requirements. Our survey teams also carry out seasonal surveys using industry-standard methods suited to the environment and species present, including drop-down-video (DDV) survey techniques to identify habitat types present.

SRSL analyse and interpret all data in-house using a variety of univariate, multivariate and GIS techniques.

Commercial Fish Surveys

SRSL are experienced at extracting and summarising available fisheries databases and commercial landings statistics, to produce synoptic fish-presence maps for commercial fish and shellfish populations (including seasonal differences where this data is available). These reviews incorporate operating patterns and practices of fishing vessels in the area.  Our teams use cutting-edge science to assess the potential impact of proposed renewable energy developments on the ecology of populations present or using a site. SRSL also provide observer trips (fishing and potting), as well as fish spawning studies where relevant.

Stakeholder Engagement and Fisheries Liaison

Consultation is a key element of the EIA process and SRSL advise that the process is started early and is conducted throughout all phases of project development. SRSL can appoint a Fisheries Liaison Officer (FLO) to interface between the fishing industry and the project team. SRSL will also provide direct and indirect consultation with stakeholders through an inclusive Stakeholder Engagement Programme. This programme could involve fishing activity questionnaires, fisheries stakeholder meetings, targeted meetings and working groups.  SRSL has in-house Touch Table technology for interactive stakeholder mapping activities.

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