Consenting Support Services

SRSL combine first-hand experience of meeting regulatory requirements and developing best-practice with cutting-edge science to help de-risk the consenting process for marine renewable energy developers. We offer consenting support, scoping advice, regulatory/stakeholder engagement and liaison, and client representation to facilitate regulatory compliance for marine renewable energy Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) projects.
Substantial costs are incurred by developers in addressing environmental risks in the development of wave and tidal energy projects. Principal costs arise in three categories: baseline survey, predictive work to inform EIA, and monitoring of actual impacts after the project has been consented. Despite their expense, these activities do not always demonstrably reduce the uncertainty around environmental impacts and further costs during the consenting process are often incurred. SRSL are committed to the facilitation of useful scoping discussions, which are critical to ensure that the design of baseline survey, predictive modelling and monitoring programmes are coherent and targeted; ultimately resulting in consent and financial savings for the client.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

SRSL has first-hand experience of ensuring compliance with all key offshore consent conditions. With our powerful combination in-house environmental consultants, marine scientists and technical specialists (including from underwater noise to marine ecology), we are uniquely placed to ensure offshore renewable projects move smoothly from consent award to construction and beyond, in-line with consent conditions. Our well-established relationships with key stakeholders and regulatory bodies help to ensure an efficient and professional solution to any consent-related issues. SRSL consenting experts can also act on behalf of offshore developers, to provide high-level support to environmental consent managers within individual project teams, and facilitate resolution at critical phases of the process.

Proportionate Environmental Impact Assessment

SRSL consultants and technical experts have extensive direct experience of liaison and negotiation with the regulator and their statutory advisers across the UK. All these components combine with a coherent ambition to deliver robust, targeted and proportionate environmental assessment services for the renewable energy industry. SRSL ensure that developed methods and engagement with the consenting authorities will be cost-effective and comprehensive in scope, and yet focused on issues of greatest importance to reduce project consenting risk to a minimum. Through emphasis on scientifically-informed discussion at the design phase, our approach leads to a new standard in the development of proportionate survey methods for supporting consent applications.

SRSL deliver significant savings in terms of cost and reduced risk, which represents a tangible benefit to our clients over the long-term development of marine renewable energy development projects.

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