Paper published on Marine Biosecurity for 2016 - Apr '16

Invasive species

Following on from the publication of new best-practice guidelines for marine biosecurity back in 2014, the authors of the previous study have now published a scientific paper on their findings (Cook, Elizabeth, et al. "Marine biosecurity: protecting indigenous marine species." Research and Reports in Biodiversity Studies 5 (2016): 1-14). The paper was published in January of this year and adds important scientific credibility to the biofouling services offered by SRSL, which aim to help marine users prevent the introduction of invasive non-native species and avoid prosecution under the amended Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act.

This publication preceded the award of another interesting project for SRSL and SAMS, which aims to create a detailed map of the type, speed of growth and prevalence of biofouling species, with the aim of better informing the operation and maintenance of sub-sea equipment in the UK. The project is a collaborative project with multimple partners, and led by the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult (see previous news item, February 2016).

Please download a copy of the paper HERE.


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