Government invites SRSL boss to join national business forum - Jun '15

Dr Tracy Shimmield, managing director of SAMS Research Services Ltd, has been called up to an elite business forum, chaired by the Deputy First Minister of Scotland.  She joined fellow members of Scotland CAN DO Innovation Forum at their first meeting in Edinburgh University Business School on Wednesday, May 20.

The group, made up of representatives from academia and private, public and third sectors, will be the leading force in creating greater levels of demand for, and investment in, business innovation for the benefit of the whole Scottish economy.

Dr Shimmield said: “It is a privilege to be asked to join the Scotland CAN DO Innovation Forum, which I believe can put business innovation at the forefront of political discussion.
“Lots of Scottish companies, like SRSL, are proving that this country is still a global leader in innovation and can offer world-leading expertise in various sectors of business.
“I hope that this forum will champion Scotland’s innovative business community and help it to open up new markets across the globe.”

Speaking ahead of the first meeting at Edinburgh University Business School, Scotland CAN DO Innovation Forum, Chair Mr Swinney said: “Scotland CAN DO is a platform for all sectors to further sharpen our focus on creating sustainable economic growth. Our vision is to make a Scotland as a world-leading entrepreneurial and innovative nation - a CAN DO place for business.

“The Forum will play a crucial role in driving forward demand for, and investment in, business innovation ensuring that innovation can make a lasting and positive difference to the Scottish economy.

“This government is focused on growing our economy and this new forum will help to ensure that Scotland’s economy is one where growth is based on innovation, change and openness to new ways of doing things.”


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