Seafloor Mapping

SRSL use cutting edge-science and technology to survey and map the topography of the seafloor. We use multibeam and side-scan sonar (often from our own vessels) to conduct bathymetric surveys of the seabed. We employ ISO qualified hydrographers and expert geochemists to handle, analyse and present bathymetric data in a variety of resolution and mapping formats, as determined by the client.

Multibeam and Sidescan Surveys

Characterisation of the offshore and coastal geological setting is necessary to assess project feasibility and identify potential locations for marine construction projects ranging from offshore drilling and pile-driving to device installation and cable-laying. Seafloor topography in turn influences near and far-field hydrodynamics, which is critical to any marine disposal project such as waste or effluent discharge. Bathymetric surveys can also be used to produce seabed classification and habitat maps.

Seafloor Mapping from SRSL

SRSL delivers a number of hydrographic survey services, primarily using side scan and multibeam sonars, mounted on different platforms. Our vessel RV Calanus is fitted with multibeam sonar enabling shallow water and deep water surveys. The vessel also has the capacity for side-scan sonar surveys and sediment sampling from a variety of corers and grabs.

SRSL employ qualified hydrographers with expertise in designing robust survey plans, using industry-standard methodologies to gain regulatory approval. If required our bathymetric surveys can be conducted to IHO standards.

Our service packages include full survey planning and management, data-acquisition, processing and data- presentation in a variety of mapping formats.

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