Water Quality and Sediment Sampling

SRSL use cutting edge-science and technology to sample the seabed and water column in a wide variety of marine environments. SRSL use robust scientific methods to sample the seafloor and water column for sediment composition, sediment quality and water quality measures.

Sediment and Water Sampling

Collection of seabed samples is often required to 'ground-truth' seabed mapping investigations and to characterise benthic habitats for environmental impact assessment. SRSL undertake a range of sediment sampling activities including grab sampling (Day, van Veen, and Hamon grabs) and coring (Box, Gravity, Multi- and Mega-coring). We also sample the water column using CTD profilers (Seabird and CastawayTM).

SRSL surveys can be designed to sample sediment and water from many different environments, ranging from the deep sea and coastal waters to inland lochs.

In-house Sediment and Water Analyses

SRSL is based at the Scottish Marine Institute in Oban where we have state-of-the-art analytical laboratories which include apparatus for radionuclide, trace metal/element and organic compound characterisation, (ICP-MS and ICP-OES), particle size analysis (PSA), nutrient analysis, radiochemistry and core-logging.

SRSL assess baseline conditions and potential radiological impact through surveys of the marine environment surrounding a nuclear site. Our services include environmental quality measures such as radionuclide levels in the water column, seabed and littorial sediment, as well as in the marine flora and fauna. We ensure that potential  or previous environmental impacts are fully understood in the context of past discharges as well as natural variations in the marine ecosystem, and propose mitigation measures where necessary.

SRSL have a strong experience base and employ Project Management personnel with previous experience in environmental assessment projects at nuclear power stations; Oldbury, Chapelcross, Dounreay, Hunterston, Faslane, Devonport, Wylfa, Berkeley, Atucha II (Argentine), Caderache (France), Bugey (France), Fessenheim (France), Ragravelines (France) Blayais (France).

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