Environmental Monitoring

SRSL use cutting edge-science and technology to design and deliver robust and meaningful environmental monitoring programmes (EMP) to accurately measure impacts and confirm that control measures are effective.

Environmental Monitoring Requirements

Monitoring is a fundamental component of any successful development project delivery. Robust monitoring confirms that required mitigation measures are being implemented and at the same time allows evaluation of whether those mitigation measures are working effectively. The data collected is necessary for validating the accuracy of models or projections that were used during the impact assessment process. The monitoring programme design process should be hypothesis-driven and include measurable outputs.

Environmental Monitoring from SRSL

SRSL assess potential radiological impact through regular monitoring of the marine environment surrounding a nuclear site. Our services include environmental quality measures such as radionuclide levels in the water column, seabed and littorial sediment, as well as in the marine flora and fauna. We ensure that environmental impacts are fully understood in the context of past discharges as well as natural variations in the marine ecosystem, and assess the efficacy of mitigation measures employed.

SRSL has the analytical facilities to carry out all sample analysis and technical reporting in-house. We also have expertise in the development and production of novel lander systems for monitoring the seafloor environment in-situ and over long time periods. Our landers can be fitted with microelectrodes and imaging sensors capable of measuring numerous chemical parameters as well as monitoring hydrodynamics.

SRSL have a strong experience base and employ Project Management personnel with previous experience in environmental assessment projects at nuclear power stations; Oldbury, Chapelcross, Dounreay, Hunterston, Faslane, Devonport, Wylfa, Berkeley, Atucha II (Argentine), Caderache (France), Bugey (France), Fessenheim (France), Ragravelines (France) Blayais (France).

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