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The UK continental Shelf (UKCS) is the largest decommissioning market in the North Sea, with annual decommissioning expenditure in 2016 amounting to £1.2 billion - an annual cost that is set to continue for the next five years. During this time, the established infrastructure of production platforms, seabed structures and pipelines which have been deployed by the oil and gas industry will be removed from the North Sea and other offshore oil and gas fields throughout the world.

SAMS has engaged with the industry researching fully the environmental effects of project options available, as well as any cumulative impacts and potential trade-offs with other users of the sea

SRSL provide assessment and measurement of marine growth on subsea structures (using ROV video), as well as consultancy around the different options  available in dealing with drill cuttings and the pros and cons of removal versus managed abandonment and the creation of artificial reefs for large fabricated structures. We are able to provide a scientifically informed service to businesses and organisations involved in decommissioning in these key areas in consultancy and survey work to ensure practical, viable and environmentally secure operational methods.


SRSL also provides the following services to the Decommissioning industry:

  • >Marine Growth Assessments (biofouling)
  • >Biosecurity (Toxic phytoplankton/invasive species)
  • >Environmental Impact Assessment support
  • >Marine surveys (bathymetric/benthic/ocean)
  • >Laboratory analysis (benthic/seawater)
  • >Modelling


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