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SAMS Research Services Ltd (SRSL) provides specialist marine consultancy and survey services, under pinned by cutting-edge science. Our mission is to enable our clients to understand and mitigate the risks involved in industry interaction with the marine environment.

SRSL is the wholly-owned trading subsidiary of the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), and is based at the Scottish Marine Institute, Oban. As such, SRSL has been a part of the SAMS Group since 2002. SRSL has three key international markets; Renewable Energy, Nuclear Energy and Mineral Mining, into which we supply independent and high-quality marine environmental services.

Baseline survey and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services are core business areas for SRSL. In these assessments, we combine the biological, coastal processes and metocean components of multi-disciplinary projects using experienced staff and analytical facilities, in-house at the Scottish Marine Institute. We offer added value to our marine consultancy services by way of consenting support, environmental monitoring advice and long-term technological solutions.
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Our size and location allows us to be responsive and flexible to clients' needs and time pressures, whilst our capacity for synergy and collaboration across the marine sciences allows us to gain a sharper synoptic view than any single-discipline consultancy can achieve. SRSL survey teams are experts in managing the risks associated with working in challenging conditions, from the deep sea to high energy tidal-flow environments.

The SRSL office is co-located with a number of related commercial facilities:

European Centre for Marine Biotechnology

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Located on the desirable west coast of Scotland, ECMB offers the opportunity to explore a diverse range of marine environments (ranging from shallow coastal environments to the deep Atlantic waters to the west)

The European Centre for Marine Biotechnology aims to be the business incubator of choice for new and emerging marine biotechnology companies in the UK. By establishing a growing cluster of activity and international networks it strives to be the premier site for innovative growth and development within this emerging sector.

European Marine Science Park


The European Marine Science Park (EMSP) provides high quality laboratory and office space in an entrepreneurial community for new, expanding and inward investing companies with a focus on marine science, marine energy and related support. The development is funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) and is co-located with SRSL. 


Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP)

Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP) is a National Facility and is the most diverse culture collection in the world, with over 3000 strains of marine and freshwater algae, protists and seaweeds from around the globe. Some of these cultures have been in cultivation for over a century while others have been added in the past few months – CCAP scientists frequently isolate new strains to add to the collection. The collection is made up of a wide range of taxa including cyanobacteria, eukaryotic phytoplankton, thalloid red algae, multicellular seaweeds, free-living non-pathogenic protozoa, and a small number of potentially pathogenic protozoa.

European Marine Test Facility

A test centre for trialling marine systems and technologies based in Oban, Scotland. SRSL provides businesses, research laboratories, training and support to meet customer needs. The facility is ideal for testing and demonstrating new technology and methodologies for environmental monitoring and for the development of new surface and underwater devices, particularly autonomous platforms.

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